Fried Insects The Famous Snack Of Thailand

Fried Insects the famous snack of Thailand
High Protein and Calcium Bombs.

Fried insects are eaten in many countries all over the world included Thailand, but still happens to be a strange snack for foreigners. Fried bugs are originally from the Northeast but these days it can be found everywhere in Thailand. Many Thai people like to eat fried insects as a snack, while drinking beer or etc. Fried bugs usually fried in a wok and seasoned with sauce and a little bit of Thai spices, it makes them much tastier. Fried insects are easy to find at street vendors, they are full of calcium and protein. There are many different kinds of fried bugs in Thailand. Hard to have in the beginning and not my taste but many people like them and they full of nutrition.


Some popular fried bugs:

– Grasshoppers


– Waterbugs


– Scorpions


– Spiders


– Silkworms


– Bambooworms


– Crickets